Service Workshop

When we first attend Alcoholics Anonymous, and engage with our programme, we are introduced to the hands-on features of service such as, greeting newcomers, making tea and coffee, reading chapter 5, “doing the top table”, and sooner or later taking on the role of secretary of the group. Later, when that 6 month responsibility comes to an end, they are all too happy to give it up and we are stronger for that “role of responsibility”.

These initial little responsibilities are just like training wheels and somewhere down the road you will be asked to take that job again, and things aren’t nearly as intimidating as the first time. These little activities are a veiled approach to taking that person out of his comfort zone and show them that they had nothing to fear in the first place.

If you would like to learn more about service in Alcoholics Anonymous, including requirements, then you should attend this simple yet informative workshop.